Interview with Audrey Magazine

Sat down with Audrey Magazine for a quick interview last week – on “Everything Before Us” and everything before it 😉


Name: Victoria Park
Age: 27
Ethnic background: Korean American
Where she was born: Urbana, Illinois
Where she was raised: Palatine, Illinois

Park first worked with Wong Fu in their 2012 short film “Take It Slow,” alongside Ki Hong Lee. In Everything Before Us, Park plays Haley, a high school senior who registers in an official DEI relationship with her boyfriend Seth before the two of them head to different colleges. As the long-distance relationship begins to strain, Haley struggles to balance her exciting college life and spending time with her boyfriend.

About the film:

1. Describe your character in three words.
Smart. Driven. Dreamer.

2. What is the most crucial part of being in a romantic relationship?
Loyalty. And a shared sense of humor. (I cheated and picked two, sorry!)

3. What would your real-life relationship score be, and why?
Probably pretty high. Because I’m obnoxiously an high-achiever. It would also probably be a number ending in 0 or 5 because I’m obnoxiously OCD.

– Read the rest of the interview here! And make sure to watch our film, available now on Vimeo On Demand!